Saturday, September 26, 2009

The First

Hey Everyone!

So this is the first post, and hopefully one of many that will summarize the new and fun things that I will be doing in the cities that I am living in. As of August 25th, I moved back to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am originally from Toronto as many of you know, but decided to go to school in Halifax three years ago. After studying like a mad woman, I returned to to Toronto after two years to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design. I lasted one year, before feeling like it was time to take off once more. I headed on a crazy three month adventure to Asia with my amazing friend Thibaut and while traveling, made the decision to move back to Halifax.

This time around, I am not just some kid from Toronto who is studying at Dal and living the student life. I have a degree,  responsibilities, and a brand new desire to try a lot of random things. After traveling through South East Asia, I have really come to understand how important it is to experience as much of a city as possible, especially if you live there, otherwise you will never know how cool it really is.

So, to make all of my plans a reality, I made a list when I first arrived, it looked a little like this (but with a little more scribbling and a few more side notes around it):

  1. Find an apartment

  2. Find a full time (legitimate) job

  3. Look up and Search out fun things to do in the city

  4. Have a lot of fun  - go out, dance a little, drink a little, frequent fair trade coffee shops and enjoy delicious coffee.

  5. Relax, be twenty years old, enjoy life.

So there you have it, a basic plan. A plan that I will no doubt carry over to many more cities in the coming year.

Ready! Set! Go!


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