Monday, June 27, 2016

Just Keep Swimming... with Simply Be!

Hi everyone,
I'm making an an effort to write new posts for you as I slide back into blogging. Like I have mentioned, I haven't felt entirely myself lately but I'm feeling a bit more normal, certainly the sun outside is making things easier too.
For those of you who think that Canada is just a big old cold country, you are very wrong, we, especially here in Toronto suffer from some serious heat waves and this Summer is no exception. Today, I am couched with my computer in front of a fan so that I don't melt. All I can think about is going for a swim, which I am planning on doing later at a friend's condo, thankfully! 
What I am really looking forward to though, is heading over to the Toronto Islands which aren't far at all, and swimming in the lake. This is just such a Summer friendly activity and makes me want to have all the swimwear in the world.
Since I have been saving for my wedding though, I can't have all of the swimwear, but a girl can dream right? I have put together this adorable swim day wish list of all of my favourites from Simply Be, because they have such a great selection of plus size swimwear.

At Simply Be, they are running a campaign around body confidence and as part of it they are offering loads of mix and match options. If you, like me, love the bikini tops with lots of support but then a mismatched bottom in a high waist then you can make all this happen now without breaking the bank! 
Long live Summer swims!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Best Bold Summer Looks 2016

Hi everyone!
Do you fancy a change? Do you want to overhaul your look for your summer holiday or an upcoming music festival? Pick something you can wash off, something to last all summer or something to last for the rest of your life, from the ideas below.
Non Permanent
First of all try some non-permanent measures to switch up your look.  Use a wash in, wash out hair dye. If you've got light hair, you could even try one of the very popular pastel colours trending at the moment. Why not combine them all and have rainbow hair for the summer? Or try a dramatic hair accessory like a flower crown or these head chains.
Another way of drastically changing your look without any permanent consequences is to use coloured contact lenses.  You can change your eye colour to any nother natural eye colour. So blue-eyed ladies can go for brown, green or lilac and vice versa. If you are looking for more of an extreme change, you could get some blackout lenses. Perfect for that heavy metal festival or cosplay convention.
Feeling a little braver? Why no go for a more lasting semi-permanent change? I count cutting and dying your hair in this category because hair grows so you won't have the look forever. Getting the right cut and colour for your skin tone and face shape, affects your look in a big way. If you're currently sporting long hair, why don't you go for a short on the sides and long on the top pixie crop? This cut is perfect for hotter weather as there is no hair weighing you down and heating you up. Pixie cuts look super cool too! If you have pale skin, consider blonde or light brown colour for your hair. If you have a warmer skin tone try and deep brown, red or black.
Another semi-permanent change you can make this summer is to get a fake or spray tan or use gradual tanning products in your home. The only problem with gradual tanning is that you do have to apply them once a day until you reach the required colour that you are looking. But they are a good value option to maintain your tan for the whole summer.
So if you're feeling a bit more daring, a permanent change might be for you. As this is a more drastic option, you need to think carefully before going for any change that your can't reverse.
Some of the most artistic permanent changes available are of course tattoos. With such a wide range of tattoos available, how do you know which one to pick? A style that is trending at the moment is the watercolour tattoo.  Watercolour tattoos often have bold lines and are filled in with pale coloured streaks. This gives them a beautiful contrast which can look softer than a traditional tattoo. If a tattoo is just too permanent for you, don't worry. There are plenty of temporary options available!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

I've Joined the Revelo-tion!

Hi everyone!
So after a much needed break and a nice visit from my beautiful friend Hollie, I am starting to ease my way back into blogging. It's been harder than we expected to settle into life in Canada and we are still working on a few things, as well as planning our wedding, but it's coming together slowly.

 I posted a while back on my Instagram about my new bike that has literally made my life so much better and more exciting. I work from home so don't have any kind of transit pass, and Toronto transit is pretty expensive, so when I had the opportunity to get an electric bike, I jumped on it straight away.   I chose a Revelo Electric Flex bike for a couple of reasons, but mainly because it folds so I never have to lock up outside and worry about it, it can fit off to the side and out of the way. Toronto is notorious for being a haven for bike thieves so I never feel good about leaving my bike anywhere. I have used it to go everywhere and its made things so much easier but also super fun. I can only compare the rush of the open road to go-carting- it's actually so fun!

It has a battery that takes me 30km going upwards of 28km per hour so it's a quick little thing!
Today, when we went out to take photos, we took it into the park and it was great zipping around on the grass too. On the road, I don't have to worry about going too slow as I kept up with everyone in the bike lanes too.

I'm getting some extras added to it soon, like a phone holder so I can use my maps or listen to music, and a carrier for the back so I can pick up groceries or run other errands and throw them all in the back. It's nice that it doesn't cost me to run it and I can easily pull the battery out and bring it inside to charge it.

Here I can be seen having light evening chitter chatter with out neighbour's cat Gloria, she's a charmer, unless she is visiting our window and terrorizing Bettie, then she's not.

I'm going to keep updating you on my new bike because I love it and it's making my life just way more exciting and convenient but also I am getting some exciting goodies for it like I mentioned above. The coolest thing about Revelo is that when you buy a bike, you become an ambassador, meaning that if someone buys one with your code, you then make money and they save money. So if you are considering an e-bike, check out Revelo. If you decide to buy, put my name, KATIE, in the code box and you will save $200 bucks!

Check out Revelo in all these cool spots:

I'd love to know if you have ridden an E-Bike or if you have questions, stick them below! I am an open bike, I mean book. I had never ridden an e-bike before this so I am genuinely new at this and really loving it.
If you are curious about what I am wearing, check out the shop this post at the bottom of the post.
See you all soon!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Celebrating National Pet Month - Bettie is back home!

Hello everyone,
So I am slowly making my way back to blogging, even though things still feel like they are settling in. I am feeling inspired by seeing so many lovely bloggers, posting so many gorgeous posts with Spring styles and fun things going on. I am still missing London a lot but I am starting to see all the exciting things that I can tell you about in Toronto, so I'm looking forward to that!
I wanted to tell you a bit about something that has really made our new house a home, with the arrival of our lovely cat, Bettie. Bettie flew to Canada with us in December but went to live with my very kind brother, Andrew, as my parent's house, is not cat friendly, what with a very excited dog and a chinchilla. So apart from visits to Andrew's house, we haven't been able to see Bettie as much as we would like and were really looking forward to having her home.

When I was contacted by Ocean Loans about April being National Pet Month, and how they would like to let me treat Bettie to a few nice things to celebrate, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to get her some lovely new things to set up in our new home.

We went out and bought her a new set of dishes, ones that are raised up to help with her breathing condition, along with a couple of toys, a new brush and delicious treats. She was also treated to a new little box and matt, but I felt that I could probably forgo the photo of that for obvious reasons.
On her first night, Bettie sat on the couch, explored and smelled most corners of the apartment and generally settled in quite well. Since then, She has spent her days lying on the bed in the sun, chasing her toys and cuddling on the sofa with us at night. It feels like she is home and happy as a clam.
So, did you do something for your furry friends this month?

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