Friday, February 12, 2010

The Original Go-Getter: A City-Dweller Profile

So I was thinking a little bit about how a city is really made up of the people that live in it. And then I got to thinking, that I should choose people who are close to me that inspire me to do all the things that I do or plan to do.

My inspiration for this very post was one of my best friends, Andrew, and so I am going to make him the official first "City-Dweller Profile."

For the short time that I have know him, he has taught and shown me what it is to pursue the best parts of life. He has the ability to use all of his time to do new projects and to be incredibly creative. Had it not been for his encouragement I may never have made it through my first semester of art school in Toronto. Today we are both back in Halifax and he is again on a brand new adventure, attending art school himself this time. He builds amazing things out of wood, is the wildest dancer, owns a red onesie for pajama parties, owns a pinstriped jumpsuit for retro nights and is an incredible cook.  He can be the person that you call because you have a weird idea that needs to be developed, or the person who stands next to you when you are trying to solve a really hard problem. He will always give you a hug and remind you that you are loved.

If you happen to see him, you should really say hi, and ask him to introduce you to someone else he knows, because they are probably really cool and more importantly, he does fantastic introductions.

So my dear Andrew, here is to you and all of your creative genius. You are great!


PS: Andrew has just broken the news that he is moving to Toronto, so if you see him wish him the best! We will miss him in fair Halifax but he has an amazing opportunity and is definitely going to do amazing at it. Good luck Andrew! ox

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