Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The road-trip continues...

I can't believe it is Tuesday already, where has the time gone. We have been so busy in the last couple of days, but it has been so fun. We arrived in Boston in the afternoon on Saturday and spent a bit of time hanging out with Adam's sister Kerry, helping her shop and get things done as she has an adorable little 4 month old boy, Noel who needed to be watched and distracted. Later in the evening we made a quick trip out to Target, because you can't go to the states and not go to Target, that would be a sin. We browsed the aisles looking at all the weird junk food they sell in the states and I hit up the clothes and makeup as well (eeeep! so exciting).

On Sunday, we had been recruited as the official Noel Care team for most of the day. We had lots of fun coming up with ways to keep him happy. As we found very quickly he really enjoys if I hold him and Adam does his best rendition of any Lady Gaga song with a dance included. It was really a sight to see. We are thinking of maybe taking the show on the road for other worldly babies to see. Once Kerry arrived home we all got dressed up to go and see David Sedaris live at Symphony Hall.  For those of you who don't know, he is an extremely funny and charming author who does shows where he reads his short stories and diary entries aloud  all over the world.

The show was short but so good. It was funny and he even had time for a little Q and A after where people asked him  questions which almost always prompted another story. I haven't read many of his books but as soon as I arrive back in Toronto I'm adding them my pile to read while I travel. It was really nice to have a good laugh at something intelligent and witty and was just an all around enjoyable experience.

We headed home that night and went out for late bite to eat and then settled into bed for another game of Scrabble on Adam's Ipad. We joke that we are becoming like an old married couple.

Sunday was a delightful day as I'm sure you can see, and Monday was our big day trip to Providence, RI to see Fred at Brown. I'm a little strapped for time right now so I will be writing about that a little later.

Take care everyone!


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