Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ohhhh Toronto!

So the last little while has been busy, what with my dear friend Tyler visiting, family visits, good bye parties and of course packing. In the past 12 or so days though, I have done a lot of cool things. Let me tell you about them! When I first arrived home, I had only 2 days to help my mum out with some stuff, before Tyler arrived on the scene. We spent the week doing lots of shopping and hanging around the city. Tyler has been to Toronto before and done the obvious touristy things like the CN Tower, the Skydome etc. so my goal was not to bring him anywhere like that.

Instead, we went to Buffalo for the day  to shop, spent a day in Kitchener visiting my cousin Melissa, had an afternoon picnic at the Toronto island, and saw many movies. We also hung out in Kensington market and China town and attended a lovely soiree at my friend's Heather and Becky's place. The week was a blast and unfortunately went by so quickly, that now Tyler is gone.

This past week has been a major whirlwind that included three big shows! The first one I went to see was at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre down on Alexandre by Carlton Ave. Sarah and I lined up to get tickets to see my favourtie author Ivan Coyote. The production was called Swell and was a collaboration project between Ivan, Anna Camalari and Lyndell, a group of people that once performed together in a similar style performance back in the 90s. It was a show on gender and life and it was so well written and very poetic. Ivan was his usual charming self and the show was amazing.

Next, my mom and I went to see Jersey Boys - and let me tell you, it is worth a see! The show was so lively and fun, and the music was great. We made a night out of it and really had a great time. I am still humming December 1963 at the moment, it's all just to infectious.

The last show that we saw was a really special one for me, as it was my favourite comedian, Eddie Izzard. My mom and I had seen him once before a couple of years ago in New York but this time was very different. He was less political and of course hysterical. Oddly enough he is coming back to Toronto at the end of May, so if you are looking for a night out to plan make it Eddie Izzard. It was two solid hours of laughter and just made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I managed to snap this craptacular quality photo with my phone for your viewing pleasure:

After those three busy nights, my best friend Sarah threw me an afternoon goodbye party on Sunday. It was lovely. Almost everyone showed up and it was just really nice to see everyone one last time before I jet set off. Sarah even made me this wicked nautical style bag that I am in love with. I also spent the afternoon at Fabulous nail salon on Mt Pleasant with another besty getting my nails done and that just did me in. It has been such a fun two weeks back and I will miss my family and friends so much, but they know I am only a Skype call away.

Take care everyone!


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