Monday, July 26, 2010


Hello everyone!

I am finally back after a long unannounced hiatus. My new job is so crazy that at the end of the day I can't even imagine sitting down and writing another word.  Anyways, let me give you an update...I have found a little apartment in the 15th arrondissement in Paris that is really cute and almost new. When I started working it was really pretty unexciting because I was working and coming home late to my little tiny 12m2 apartment but now things have just turned right around and become way more interesting. I am working for the summer at a youth hostel in Paris doing mostly administration but it feels like I am doing everything and anything under the sun. I can start the day at the computer and two hours later, find myself on the floor in a room cleaning a toilet. It's not as glamorous as I would like but it's fine for the summer. Work will always be crazy but I have now acquired a roommate named James, who I work with, which makes coming home a lot cooler. We have been cooking and watching movies and making fun of the drunk people who drink at the bar below the apartment.  We get along really well so it's all been working out just smashingly. I have been teaching him how to make many traditional Canadian delicacies such as grilled cheese and pancakes. In all honesty, I can rarely think of things that are truly Canadian apart from Syrup and things that involve maple. I don't know if Canadian cuisine really exists, perhaps I am wrong.

Here are some pictures of my little apartment. It's a bit different now since we set up James' futon mattress on the floor but it still works.

Living in Paris is pretty lovely. I listen to the old folks downstairs sing French classics louder and louder in the evening as they drink themselves to closing time. On the odd day off that I get I have been walking around the city, running errands and becoming more Parisian everyday. With the money I have been making I have been trying delicious little bistros and restaurants as well, although I must say that the word service in these establishments does not exist. They will make you wait forever and not say a word. I always feel glad that you don't tip in France but to the contrary I wish we did so that I could not leave one to make a point.

Other than that everything is stupendous and Paris is great. I have found out that thanks to my dear mumsy being born in Scotland that I apparently qualify for a UK passport and in turn am able to work for as long as I like in the EU. I am so excited because this means I can really travel and work as freely as I like.  I have a few more stories to tell you but I'll save those for the next post. I'm sorry I took such a long break but I am back and will be posting regularly. Stay tuned!

Miss you all! xo



  1. Just to let you know that "dead" mumsy is alive and well and living in To. (I'm hoping that what you meant to say was "dear mumsy"!!!
    Je t'aime :)
    Mumsy xoxoxo

  2. Hi Katie. Love receiving your updates. I think you meant to say "dear mumsy" and not "dead mumsy" on this one, however....


  3. jeeeze one dead mumsy and the whole world is on me. goshhhh!
    haha I kid, it has been corrected.


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