Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday! Sales sales sales!

Actually I don't think it has been a week, more like a month of what feels like constant news and excitement all over twitter and facebook about fashion shows, models, plus size wonderfullness, and of course most recently Black Friday prep. I think this is probably the one weekend a year that I wish I was in the states. I would really love to see all those nutty shoppers out there jumping over one and other to get the best deal on something. I can't deny though, that the Black Friday sales online are making me all excited... the possibility of being able to get my hands on something I might not have been able to afford before is so delightful! I also love that retailers across the board, USA or not are participating in the sales, making it fun for everyone.

Currently on my need list are a new pair of black boots, as my last pair gave up on me when the heel just broke apart. A new pair of dark denim jeans, something that actually fits, and could be dressed up or down and a couple new comfy mini skirts, as I wear them almost every day. Now to begin hunting...

Plenty of places are doing the sales as I'm sure you've all been getting emails about them lately, but today I am going to give a huge shout out to a site and store that is based out of Toronto, the motherland... well for me at least! I will be heading back to Toronto for a visit in about 3 weeks and I can't tell you how excited I will be to be back in my city.

If you don't already know Lola and Gigi, they are a Toronto based store that sells amazing clothing sizes 12 to 24 (Canadian/USA) from a really stylish and perfected list of designers and companies like Anna Scholz and Igigi. I think it's safe to say that with a pickings being a little generic sometimes in Canada for us curvy girls, Lola and Gigi is our connection to the wicked styles in Europe and the UK, and gets us connected with some great local designers too within Canada. Does it get any better than that? Me thinks not.

Tdot represent. :)

Let the shopping begin ladies!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to anyone in the states and stay cool on Black Friday!

P.s Laura, I will be bringing those Laduree delights back to Toronto and coming for a visit!

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