Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tell your boyfriends, brothers and fathers...

Here's a little something to pass on to all the boys in your life, that is if you can resist not wearing a pair yourself. While at the Pret a Porter show in Paris a little while back I was introduced to the colourful world of men's socks by a work colleague. It got me thinking about everyday men's fashion and how a lot of the men I know have often said that they feel there is very little room to personalize their look or do something unique while still remaining casual, comfortable and themselves. While women have a lot of options when it comes to work wear, both in style and especially colour, men are often more limited, having to wear suits in neutral shades or colours, their ties being their only colourful saving grace. This is not to say that suits are no fun, because plenty of designer have been amping up their men's suits with edgy cuts, fancy fabrics and plenty of fun details, but the overall concept stays uniform and constant.

Moxy Maus, is a Canadian (hooray) company who design "Bold socks for the confident man" to quote directly from their slogan. Their socks are colourful and fun but still remain completely work appropriate.

Imagine a man, confident in his best work attire, as he turns to walk out the door you catch a flash of colour peeking out from the hem of his pants - a dash of character that separates him from the mass of drab suited boys that hit the streets at 5 in the afternoon. It all sounds very mad men turned modern.

Now you are probably wondering where I come into all of this... let me tell you. I was given a pair of Moxy Maus socks, the most fun and colourful pair (in my opinion) to test out. Despite my somewhat loud personality, my sock collection is most certainly lacking in the personality department, so you can imagine how excited I was to acquire a fun pair of socks. I also have to mention that the quality of these socks far surpasses the quality of any of the socks that I have in my closet currently. I'm positive that when I put these socks away the other socks crawl to one side in shame.

Anyways, to show you just how much fun and how versatile these socks can be I made you a short video.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtFBJqzUmNg&fs=1&hl=en_US]


Moxy Maus socks are available on their website and they ship worldwide, so go and have a look!

You can thank me later for finding what to get your dad for fathers day this coming June. ;)

Thanks for reading and come back soon!

xo Curvy Katie


  1. Have you seen "Morning Glory"? It's not a great movie but, for no reason that is ever explained, Harrison Ford is wearing colorful socks throughout the entire film. That part is kind of awesome.

  2. I have to say i love it. I see men in style blogs so often with their bright and quirky socks peeking out of their pants and that always leave me feeling a bit intrigued!

  3. ooh! I haven't seen it, but now I will because it sounds awesome. It`s even better if he is wearing them for no other reason than to be ultra stylish.

  4. Hi KT,
    Enjoyed very much your blog on the trendy, colurful and truly unique style socks for men. My birthday is on the horizon. Just a thought.

  5. Love your video! Dots on socks--how fun!

  6. Love love love the video. So original. Great talent you have!

  7. THANKS SO MUCH! I`m glad you liked it.


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