Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Check Out My New Do!

Oh hi there again!

So, when I was in London 2 weeks ago to visit Evans (as you can see in the previous post) I booked in to have my hair cut and styled at Rockalily Cuts over in the Hoxton/Shoreditch hood of London. I had been waiting impatiently to have my hair done here for ages, as I have wanted a proper fringe done up and had so many botched cuts in the last couple of months. Rockalily Cuts specialises in rockabilly hair styles and classic looks. It is definitely the cutest salon I have ever been in, topped off with the lovely 2 woman crew running it and a little dog named Ellington.

I had planned to simply go in and have my hair cut and styled all fancy and rockabilly like but I didn't expect to have all my hair dreams come true like they did. There was a woman ahead of me who had awesome orange/red hair that was being all done up in a curl set, complete with time under the dryer hood. When she emerged, she had big perfect curls that looked amazing. I told the stylist, Lucie that I had always dreamed of having mine done like that and she promptly offered to do it to mine too. An hour later, feeling rather pampered, I was all done up looking cute and curled and in my best outfit for the afternoon.

Outfit: Shirt - Received from a clothes swap

Skirt - Collectif (here)

Shoes - TK Maxx (Hush Puppies)

Belt - Torrid

Necklace - MooMoonz

I have absolutely fallen in love with having curly hair and wish it would always stay this fun and awesome.  If you are in London you should definitely book in for a hair cut or do, it was such a great time and I walked out feeling like a million bucks! Thanks Lucie and ReeRee!

And now a picture of me, curly haired, day 2, working behind the bar :)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned as I have more goodies coming from Collectif in the post! Run Postman Run!




  1. Oh my! You look so gorgeous with that hairstyle! Love the colour too :D And the clothes from Collectif just wooww. xoxo


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