Monday, December 9, 2013

Feeling the 90's Grunge-Love

This is officially my favourite dress ever! It's from the H&M Plus Collection, which admittedly, I often find quite drab in store, but there are a few sweet pieces online and I do love their stretch skinny jeans. You can check out how amazing this dress looks on the lovely German blogger, Katrin, wearing the same dress - I was totally inspired by her to get it!

I paired it with my Asos Curve leather jacket from last season and my favourite plaid Primark scarf. On my feet I have my burgundy Doc martens with red skull laces.

My necklace is handmade by my best friend and is one of a kind.
And now the first glimpse of my Amy Savage tattoo done a couple of weeks ago on my thigh - it's still healing so I will do some closeups very soon! It's a chinchilla in a waistcoat - he's so dapper.

Credit to my lovely friend Marie for these photos!
And now to find a cocktail dress for my next Christmas party!!!
XX ToodalooKatie

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