Wednesday, March 5, 2014

OOTD - Cats, Florals, Furs...

Hello friends!
So this past weekend I spent a couple of hours with my lovely friend Marie, at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium (which is London's first official cat cafe!). It was so lovely to sit down and have a coffee and have tons of kitties all around you, excited to play and interact. I took a million photos which I have managed to squish down into this collage of my favourite cats that I saw.

If you have a chance, visit their website and book in as it's a really nice way to spend time on the weekend and the kittens are so adorable.
Anyways, back to my outfit of the day, from which the photos come courtesy of Marie as well.
I was feeling slightly lazy, but didn't want to show it, so I put on my Asos cami dress that I got from the Fat Positive Clothing Swap along with an H&M blouse that I swapped from Marie before the actual swap (sneaky me!) and my also swapped faux fur coat. 

 I topped the outfit off with M&S black leggings, Primark booties and Primark frilly socks, which are conveniently sticking out more on one foot than the other (on purpose of course).

My necklace is from Moomoonz and my lipstick is mauve from Kat Von D (via Sephora - they ship to the UK now!)

Have you been to visit the cats or are you planning to? You probably should get booking as they are popular! 
XX ToodalooKatie

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