Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Morning at Home - Coffee Remade

Happy weekend everyone!
So today's post is a little different than my usual outfit and fashion posts, but I would like to have my blog grow a little bit and feature more than just my fashion so I'm excited all the same. Today I am reviewing something that has improved my morning routine by making it tastier and way more hipster. I got this awesome little Lloytron grinder that works for anything from beans to spices (or similar), along with this delicious Cafedirect Machu Pichu coffee to test out*.

It was really easy to use, all I had to do was throw a good handful of beans into the grinder, pop on the lid and press down on the big button that says PRESS. 

After a few goes, around 30 seconds or so, I had a nice fine grind, ready for my french press coffee maker.

10 minutes later, I had a really soft and rich cup of coffee. I drink coffee everyday from a preground bag and I can tell you this does taste different. The oil from the beans stays and makes the coffee smooth and tastier. I didn't even bother with milk, because it was a really nice flavour.

I now have visions of myself grinding cinnamon for hot chocolate in the winter or maybe chocolate too - or using fresh ground coffee in cakes instead of instant... roll on Christmas baking!


*denotes items that were gifted

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