Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Big Carnaby Street Light Up!

So last week I went out to the official lighting of the Christmas lights on Carnaby Street where they were also having one of their 20% events. I have been before, and it's always a fun evening, with free nibbles and drinks in plenty of shops and lots of places participate in the 20% off discount. Here is a little recap of all the fun!

In the registration centre for the event, they had the lovely people from Umberto Giannini doing hair, and I had mine curled up and made all lovely by @danylknox. Here he is working his magic! (He works in the Selfridges at the Bullring in Birmingham and he is wonderful).

And the finished look - I am in love:

I spent the rest of the evening walking around shops and looking at all the fun stuff, like this amazing watermelon print crop top from Abandon Ship:

I had cola made in Detroit by the brand, Shinola. They make incredible watches and bicycles, and lots of lovely leather things - very American as you would expect.  I really wanted everything in the shop for Mr Toodaloo.

My last stop was Illamasqua where I sat in on a quick lip demo. I had no idea that Illamasqua did courses in store so might book in after Christmas to learn some new beauty skills.

And most importantly, here is what I wore!

I wore my new Dorothy Perkins metallic skirt with my Simply Be - Kelly Brook collection fluffy top* and Primark shoes. I also had on a necklace from Littlewoods*.

If you get a chance to check out these events on Carnaby street, I highly recommend them! It's a lot of fun and really lets you browse shops you may not have been in before. Everyone is really friendly and happy to chat too!


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