Monday, April 27, 2015

Hosting Your Own Blogger Event!

It’s always fun to go along to a blogging event, you get to meet other bloggers, make new friends and if you’re lucky, get your hands on some fantastic goodies.

For me, one of the major benefits of living in London, aside from having access to Oxford Street and Westfields, of course, is that there are always blogging events going on. But, sadly, for many bloggers living in more remote areas, blogger meets are few and far between.

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However, there is no need to miss out. If there are no blogging events being held near you, why not create your own? Organising a blogger get together might seem like a lot of hard work, but with the right organisation and planning, it shouldn’t be too tricky.

I haven’t organised a blogging event myself yet, but I am hoping to do so in the next few months (watch this space). Here are a list of tips and ideas I have come across when research and preparing for organising my own blogger meet up.

Ask yourself who you will invite

There are millions of bloggers out there; obviously you can’t invite them all. So you need to have a think about which bloggers you want to invite to your event, is there one group of blogger you could cater your event to?

For instance, I am hoping to organise a blogging event for plus size fashion bloggers. I would love to invite along some other bloggers too, but too many bloggers and the event could easily get out of hand. At a maximum, I would say invite 15 bloggers to your first event - you can always invite more bloggers to the next one.

Choose a location for the event

While you could hire out a venue, that’s going to be quite pricey and probably not possible if you plan on organising the event by yourself.

Instead of hiring a venue, why not hold the meet up in a trendy cafe, bar or restaurant? You won’t need to pay to book a table, each blogger will just need to pay for their food and drinks on the day. Another option could be holding the event in a local park - this is an ideal location if you plan on holding your event during the summer months.

Set a date

One of the most difficult parts of organising a blogging event is setting the date. It can be hard to work out a date that is good for everyone. However, there are ways to get around this issue. I found to be an amazing resource.

A free website, is an amazing resource that lets you create an event and allows the people you invite to suggest dates that work for them. The site will then give you an idea of which dates will work best for the majority of guests.

Make it special

With so many blogger meet ups around, it is crucial that you make yours stand out. Think of the different ways you can add something unique to your event, get creative and see what you can come up with.

Perhaps you could arrange limo hire for the bloggers, pre-event makeovers or a post-event pampering treat at a local salon? Think about how you can make your blogging event as fun and enjoyable as possible. Whatever you do, just make sure your event stands out.

Arrange the goody bags

As I mentioned earlier, one of my favourite parts of attending a blogging event is the goodie bags. I just love seeing what little bits and bobs I’ve been given - so exciting.

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Of course, when you are arranging your own event, the idea of having to pay out for goodie bags might put you off. But, don’t let it. You don’t have to buy the goodie bag gifts yourself, get in touch with a few brands and ask them if they would be willing to sponsor your event.  Most larger brands are happy to do this, and only ask for a few product reviews in return.

To plan a fantastic event, be organised, choose an affordable venue, and most importantly, make it special.

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