Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Feeling Posh at Buckingham Palace!

Good morning friends!
So you may have seen on my Instagram and Twitter that I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Queen's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace yesterday thanks to my work. Both Mr. Toodaloo (Steven) and I dressed up in our best clothes and strolled down the Mall to the palace yesterday afternoon with very little idea of what was awaiting us.

We gave our tickets at the gates and were waved towards the lawn where 3 bands in different corners were playing, and a large tent at the back that was set up to serve a mini high tea for all the guests.
We took a stroll around the grounds admiring all the lovely people's posh suits, dresses and of course hats before heading towards the tea tent.

On our way there, we realised that lots of people were lining up, forming a sort of corridor on the lawn, so we quickly followed suit only to realise that we were front and centre to see the Queen walk through and greet the guests.

A few minutes later,  she appeared out of Buckingham Palace dressed entirely in lemon - a typical knee length coat with exquisite sparkly jewellery and a fantastic hat that stood at least 4-6 inches high. She was radiant!
She made her way down the length of guests and stopped to speak to special invitees who happened to be standing in front of us. We couldn't hear much of what they were saying, however, I caught one line as she was about to say good bye and continue down the line and it was the only line I ever want to hear the Queen say:
"Have you tried the tea?!"
It just felt so right and so wonderfully stereotypical!

As soon as the Queen had passed the line crumbled and we all mingled towards the tea tent to see what treats awaited. We were given a little platter and the choice to take a selection of little sandwiches like cucumber and mint or egg and watercress, along with adorable little desserts like lemon tart and victoria sponge. We did our best to not look greedy but still tried most of them, along with a sinfully delicious iced coffee. The Queen may be known for her tea but she has an excellent iced coffee recipe as well it would seem.

After our tea break, we crossed the lawn and took advantage of the opportunity to go in the palace and have a look around. I have never been much of a tourist when it came to Buckingham Palace, so apart from walking by outside this was my proper first look in 5 years of being in London. The inside is very regal as you would expect and has red carpets - a sort of perma-celebrity feel to it, if you get my drift.

We left via the front of the palace with plenty of tourists looking on, and we felt very posh. A fascinator hat has a wonderful way of making you feel important - I'm thinking I should wear them more.

Steven wore his amazing speckled suit from Stumper & Fielding (Portobello Road) and I wore my new Scarlett and Jo dress from Evans and red glitter Noella Hush Puppies heels. My hat is a market buy with no brand - it's  a mystery hat!

So it was a wonderful afternoon and an experience we won't soon forget. We had a great time and it was pretty neat to have the opportunity to see the Queen up close. Have you met or seen the Queen? Was she what you expected? Tell me!

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