Monday, October 5, 2015

The Navabi Collection & Blogger Evening

Hello everyone!
So a couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to attend Navabi's first blogger event. If you don't know navabi, it's a website that stocks some of the best high end plus size clothing that money can buy - and I mean that honestly.

Designers from all over the world are available on Navabi and this year they decided to take on the challenge and exciting endeavor of launching their own brand, which resulted in The navabi Collection. From beginning to end, navabi took the task of designing plus size clothing seriously and pulled in some of the best people in the industry to get it done right, and all of this shows in the collections.

The blogger evening was a lovely combination of opportunities to meet and chat with the designers and hear their stories, along with a proper show case and try on session of the new collection. I fell in love almost instantly with a tartan wool coat that I couldn't resist going home with - A proper review of that to follow in the week. As always, Hollie and I took a selfie and then tried on lots of lovely things.

One detail that is very noticeable in the collection is the quality and luxury of the fabrics which is even more pronounced by the wonderful cuts and fit details that have been carefully planned for each garment.

And last of all, I had to share this wonderful photo snapped by the Navabi crew themselves of the entire blogger gang. Aren't we all gorgeous?

Here are my absolutely favourite bits from the collection but there are so many nice pieces so be sure to check out all of it on the navabi website!

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