Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beat Mixing!


Hey guys!

So this week is going to be a crazy one, and I am so pumped. It's only Wednesday and already it's been nutty. This week I had my second DJ-ing session/class, whatever you want to call it. To give you a little bit of background on the program, it's called Rhythm and it is run by REACHability, which is an organization primarily for helping people with disabilities obtain skills and jobs and helps them become involved in the community. The great thing about them is that they have programs available to everyone, like the Rhythm program, which I think is great, because it brings all different people from different walks of life together. Anyways, check out their site linked above if you are interested in what they do.

The first week was mainly an overview with our two DJ instructors, DJ Atmosphere and DJ Trixxx, where we met them and were introduced to all the wicked high tech gear that we were going to be learning to use in the coming weeks. I have a teeny bit of experience from several years back at camp, where i learned to do basic beat mixing on older turn tables, but this equipment is pretty far ahead of that. It uses cds and mp3s and  probably other things that I am not slick enough to remember. Regardless, it is high end nice stuff that I am so pumped to know how to use.

Anyways, so after our brief intro to the equipment last week, we got right into beat mixing this week, which turned out to be really great. We took two separate songs and mixed them together, working with pitch, bpms, and cue points. I sound like I legitimately know what I am talking about, and I sort of do, but  I'm still learning.

The class is two hours long and there are only four of us, so we really get to participate and try things. It's very hands on and the instructors are really awesome, not to mention the program coordinator, Sandy, who is really sweet and is always keeping everyone in check and taking care of everyone. The environment is really cool, and there's no pressure. It's a good place to be.

I have this image of myself as looking somewhat cool standing behind a set of turntables or mixers (Whatever the cool industry term is), but then I think about how I think I look cool when I'm dancing, but then catch myself in a mirror and see that I actually look like a three legged cat wearing pants doing the chacha. What.

Now I'm being the preverbial dork, listening to all my music and counting out the beats and whatnot. I can't wait for next week when we might get into a little baby scratching. This class is totally wicked and a real hidden gem. It's one of those things that so few know exists.

Also, if you are interested in the DJs that are teaching, I found a couple of links to stuff they are involved in. DJ Trixxx can be found spinning at The Palace on Thursdays and the middle deck or the Beer Market, on Sunday nights, where it was apparently packed to the brim last week. I'm planning on hitting up the deck this Sunday to see what its all about. Care to join me!?

And Now some links:

Stay tuned for a post all about Uganda Dance... it's gonna be great.


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