Friday, March 19, 2010

Six weeks and counting!

Recently, since I have been planning my trip to Europe, I have decided that I need to step up my appearance, because from what I hear, Europe is pretty concerned with these things. Not to mention, who doesn't love a makeover? In planning, I set aside some money in my budget for clothes and shoes (of course), as the ones I have been wearing for the last 8 months are starting to look like they've seen one too many commercial washer/dryers. With that in mind, I have started building my new wardrobe in my favourite way: online shopping.

With online shopping came new outlets and new blogs that I saved for myself that I can no longer leave by the wayside. I have never really had a huge interest in reading about fashion but something has changed and now it's all I want to do. I will be showcasing pretty much anything I like, but as always am happy to share other things that other people like, you just have to let me know.

The skinny of it, is that it will mostly be curvy fashion, because I spend my days trying to dress a curvy body, and it's always an interesting challenge. Online shopping has opened up a world of amazing clothes that allows me to dress how I want despite my size and to dress originally. I don't tend to run into people on the street wearing the same thing as me.

The other thing I have found is that here in Canada, we have no idea how to do plus size, it's a real shame. I have the added bonus that I generally don't fit into anything at a plus size store because it tends to be too big but if I shop at a regular store, things often run a bit snug. The solution to this is shop elsewhere. The US offers up some good options, but again, a lot of it runs big. I have recently discovered the UK's curvy fashion scene and it is amazing. They have major retailers that carry most of their clothes in bigger sizes as well and their are not over priced.

So now that you have the background I am going to continue to share my fashion adventures with you all as I travel. I can't wait to see style all over Europe, how awesome it shall be!

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