Friday, March 19, 2010

Well hi there!


So I imagine that the majority of those reading this have come over from my regular travel city blog, which I am so thrilled about, so thank you! Why another blog you ask? Well, after giving it some thought, I decided that my personal blog was more for detailing the adventures of my life, and I wanted a space where I could be a girl and talk about clothes and makeup, and all that good stuff. So here it is.

I recently have been very inspired by some other amazing curvy bloggers to go out and really dress nicely. I'm pretty average in the clothing department and have decided that that it has to end. I am leaving for France in about 6 weeks and I am determined to have revamped my entire wardrobe and self by then.

I am always looking for new ideas and stores, online or off and always appreciate suggestions, so please comment away!


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