Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm back!

Hey everyone!

First off, I have to apologize for the major hiatus that I took unannounced. I was moving from Halifax back to Toronto before I head to France next week. So I finally have my real closet back with all of my beloved shoes and accessories that I missed so dearly. I was really feeling deprived of them in my little tiny room in Halifax. At the moment my good old bedroom in Toronto is a mess of suitcases and clothing strewn about everywhere and I don't know where to begin.

I was fortunate enough to also make a day trip to Buffalo to check out what Torrid had in stock. Granted the Torrid store in Buffalo is small and usually under-stocked, I did find a couple of nice things. I picked up a Denim Bow bust dress (that feels a lot softer than it looks and looks very different on me than on the model on the website.) On my shape it really fits more like an Alice in Wonderland inspired dress looking poofier on the bottom, although I am considerably shorter than the model and have a bigger bust. Either way, it looks great!

I also snagged two pairs of jeans, one being a pair of their Ultra Stretch (almost Jeggings) flare jeans. I was skeptical about how the ultra stretch would look thinking it might be too thin a fabric and not look enough like jeans but I was completely wrong. They are so comfortable and look like a good pair of dark jeans rather than a stretchy pair of Jeggings. The only downside is no front pockets, but a girl has to make sacrifices once in a while. The other bonus to these jeans is that they are available in short, regular and tall - and for once the short fits me perfectly, as I am only 5'5"  and usually have to have all of my pants taken up.

I am still in search of a couple of other pairs of sandals but I rather liked these so I got them as a starter pair:

I will be taking photos of all of my new things this week as I have my dearest best friend /stylist Sarah with me to help prepare my suitcase for my big departure. She will also be helping me make a dress out of a really neat Threadless tshirt that we ordered. Keep your fingers crossed that it works out for me, as in the past I haven't been so good with these kinds of projects. This week will be a busy one on here so stay tuned, as I am back to writing regularly!


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