Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pictures at last!!!

So I finally was able to get a few photos of some of the new things I have received! I promise this is only the beginning, as this week I should be receiving many more exciting purchases. You'll have to excuse my silly grin again, my dear photographer was making me laugh and it made me all scrunchy-nosed. So let me tell you about my outfit:

The shirt/dress is actually a black oversized boyfriend tshirt with rolled cuffs (that you can't see because of my sweater) from ASOS Curve. It is so soft and comfortable - As a dress it is obviously a tad short so I wear a sweater with it, but it's very roomy and would look fantastic with a belt and skinny jeans or something to that effect.

I am also sporting a new long black cardigan from Urban Behaviour. This sweater is also very soft and has nice casual deep pockets to put things in. I like things. On a side note, Urban Behaviour is by no means a store that I can usually shop in but right now they have plenty of oversized and baggy sized clothing making it a little more accessible to us curvy chicks and the sales are pretty great as well!

I am also wearing MXM leggings, and while I don't buy much else from them, the leggings are incredible. They have a nice flat waste band, survive the wash without a problem and aren't transparent or shiny. They also return to their shape after you take them off so that when you put them back on you don't have droopy knees or anything like that.

Also included in this comfy out n' about outfit is a blue and black no name scarf a vintage leather purse from a consignment shop in downtown Halifax, and my new Torrid Black Kate Moto Boots.

Next time I promise the photos will be in colour - we actually didn't realize we were shooting colour until after, but I think they turned out pretty snazzy if I do say so myself!

To come - ASOS curve skinny jeans... oh yes!

Take care everyone!


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