Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why not?!

So I received a very prompt response from Asos after my little letter. From day 1 I have been really impressed with them, because I know my letter probably didn't make an enormous impact, but they didn't ignore it and they responded politely and in a friendly manner. I think from any large company that I have ever communicated with, this experience has been the nicest. Here is the response in case you are interested. More than anything, I think it was really great of someone to respond personally, that too me is worth a lot when it comes to the integrity of a company.

Hello Katie,

Thank you for your email and feedback.

All comments, good or bad is always greatly received.

I can confirm the model used for ASOS curve does fall into the size bracket of ASOS curve range (20-26) but have passed your comments onto the relevant department for you.

Thanks again and please advise if you require any further assistance

Kind Regards,

Emma S

On that note, this weekend I will be taking pictures of my Asos purchases as I now have a bit of time. I also have a couple of accessories and things to share with you as well, so come on back!


P.S.  if you are interested in the wicked statue next to me in the photo check out visual textile artist Allyson Mitchell.

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