Thursday, May 20, 2010

Paris Paris Paris

Hello everyone!

I'll start by apologizing for not updating you sooner on all the neat things I have been doing. My trip here is not at all typical as I have some stuff to take care of before I can really see the sights. I have been looking for an apartment and a job so as that takes a long time and is a lot more complicated than in Canada. With that on the go and in between those times I have been walking around all of Paris. I figure that I have all the time in the world to see the big sights like the louvre and the Eiffel Tower so I have been walking the streets to get to know the city. The weather has been a bit crap with lots of rain and a little chilly wind, so seeing the outdoor monuments would have been no fun anyways. I am starting to understand the plan of Paris a little better and get an idea of where I want to live.

I have been making a mental list of things I like about the city and the people and some things that are just downright surprising. I will now share them with you:

1. The food is absolutely delightful - a quick meal is always fresh baguette with veggies and cheese, and there are plenty of places to get fresh juices. It is very expensive but at least you know that you are getting quality products to eat.

2.  The people are not as fashionable as anywhere else. Plain and simple, I think this idea is old world. There was probably a time where everyone in Paris was dressed to the nines all the time, but now it has changed. The people are dressed in different brands but they pretty much look the same as anywhere else. There is one exception though - HIGH HEELS - sooo many high heels. I am going to have to buy a pair of French heels to see if they are as comfortable as they make them seem. (I am very doubtful of this as you can imagine)

3. The architecture is beautiful. I love just walking here because all the streets are interesting. Old buildings with fancy doorknobs and little balconettes line the seemingly unplanned streets. Every couple of blocks the roads come to forks and break off into branches, welcoming new alleys and paths to wander in. The cobblestone ground and old buildings really make for a charming city.

4. The poo. Why is it okay to let your dog dump on the sidewalk and then to walk away from it? This I will never understand. Doesn't it get stuck in your high heels?

5. The people: So far I have had no problem with the people. Everyone has been extremely nice to me and always offers to help out. I don't know how the French got such a bad rap for being rude, but they really aren't.

6. Paris is said to be a romantic city, and for me this has proven to be a bit odd. Three times in the last week I have been stopped in the street and asked out for coffee, told I was pretty and asked if I wanted to "get to know each other." Although very flattered, I was a bit taken a back. The men here really have no problem with just waltzing up to a woman and asking her out. How do they know I'm not crazy or something of that sort? More to the point, how do I know they aren't crazy? Oh the questions of life.

So there is a mini list of some things I have noticed so far. I'm sure I will have many more to share with you as time goes on.

To give you a little update on other things, Thibaut's family is absolutely amazing. I've spent a lot of time with his mom, doing everyday stuff and we all eat dinner every night together. I love staying here and it is very comfortable. I really could not have asked for a better situation to start my stay in this incredible city.

On the agenda this week is hopefully The Louvre, with a mixture of being hired some where and having a place to live for Juin combined.

I want to thank you all for reading about my adventures and also wanted to remind you that you can throw your email in the subscription box to the right and then you will receive an email every time I write something new. I know a lot of you are checking every couple of days and as I haven't been writing as diligently, this may be easier for you. Whatever you like! (You won't get spam email or anything it will just be updates from my blog)

Hope everyone at home is doing splendidly!

Love you all!



  1. Katie,
    Love your observations on Parisian life -- LOL re the dog poo and high heels!!! And as your mom, DO NOT talk to strange men!!!
    Mumsy xoxoxoox

  2. you stud muffin you! You should really talk to some of these strange men. Perhaps go over to their house late at night and not tell anyone where you're going? These are all good thoughts.
    Do well!


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