Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hooray for things coming together!!!


So it has been ten days since I last wrote to you all about Paris and all of it's wonderfullness (I know it's not word... but what are ya gonna do about it?!). In those ten days I have successfully found an apartment which I should be moving into in the next week or so, providing the bank does everything it is supposed to. I have also found a job or an apprenticeship for the summer, working at a youth hostel as the sort of front desk manager. I'm looking forward to getting started on July 1st and to being moved into my own space. I have also had my photo taken by Thibaut's dad, picking cherries in their backyard.  Other than that, I have been doing plenty of walking, like always, trying many new cheeses and looking for other cool opportunities.  I have signed up for the Velibre program which is a subscription to use the oodles of bikes all over Paris whenever I like. Now when I see the purple and grey bike stands all I have to do is swipe my card on the swipe panel and it gives me a bike to use for as long as I like for very little money. The real bonus is that there is one right by my new apartment so I will be able to ride a bike whenever I like without having to worry about locking it up or finding a place to put it.

I have also been helping a friend with her plus size clothing line and was invited to go to the "atelier" or workshop to see where the clothes will be made. They are making the first mock ups to fit me so that I can try them on and see how they look. There are some photos but I don't have them as of yet. I will surely post them once I get them from my friend Ago.

The weather has been a bit cold and today it reached an all time low of 15 or so and it rained. I am a bit jealous of Canada's summer right now, but am also enjoying this weather a bit, using it as an excuse to wear sweaters and warm things, that I usually miss all during the summer time.

Other than that, things have been fantastic. On Tuesday I am really excited because Thibaut and I are going to Parc Asterix, which is basically like the Paris equivalent to Wonderland in Toronto. I'm hoping that it will be fun and that the rides will be full of loops and make lots of wooshing sounds. My standards are rather low as I'm sure you can see.

I will be back later in the week with photos of all of these wonderful adventures, I promise!

I hope everyone is doing well.

If you are around, send me an email with what's new with you!

Love you all,


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