Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm back!

Hey Everyone!

So I am officially back after my uber long hiatus. I have so much to tell you and show you, it's unimaginable. The next little while is going to be jam packed on here. Let me tell you a little bit about what's been going on in my busy life. Just over a month ago I packed up my life or at least 23 kilos of my life and left Toronto, Canada for Paris, France. I had no job or plan, just to start something new. I have been staying with a friend's family while I get settled here and I can't believe how different and amazing everything is. Paris is absolutely beautiful and a bit complicated, or at least for someone who is used to the organized grid of Toronto it can be a tad confusing. So far though, despite a little confusion here and there I have been getting along pretty well and have walked a good part of the city.

I have been on the hung for a job and an apartment which is very difficult in Paris because of the tricky rental laws, but I'm hoping to get a place this week and if I'm lucky a job will follow, all in good time. Apart from the beauty of the city, I couldn't go without mentioning the fashion. I would say more about my experiences but if you are interested you can check out my personal blog (Specinthecity) where I have been detailing my adventures a little more thoroughly.

I was actually very surprised to see how interesting and active the plus size or "Grande Taille"  fashion is in Paris. For a city that so often holds a reputation for having only high fashion for it's only thin women, the plus size industry seems to be really growing and making a dent in the regular fashion world. For me, I am finding that it is really nice to see real plus size lines, with models who are actually curvy. I find it funny to think that in the USA to be a plus size model you usually ( I stress usually because there will always be exceptions) have to be around a size 12 and at least 5"9. In France I have seen so much more diversity and women that tend to be larger than a size 12, looking more into the 16 to 18 range. It is really refreshing to see clothing cut to fall on curves and not just clothing that was made for small sizes that has been enlarged.

When I arrived in Paris I was really excited to check out a list of shops I had written down including H&M BB collection (Big is Beautiful), New Look (as well as their plus size line INSPIRE) and Cartel de la Mode to name a few. With a little research and lots of time spent wandering the streets I have found so many great places for cheap shoes, great shirts and dresses and a million other things so if you are looking for something in particular throw me a comment and I'll see what I can suss out.

For the next little while I am going to be taking photos of all of my new things for you all. I'm noticing a lot of visits and not many comments so if you are up to commenting go for it! I would love ideas or tips even if they have nothing to do with shopping in Paris. Let me know what's on your mind and link your blog as well so I can get to know who you are.

Bird Cardigan - Pretty Things Boutique (available online)

Tank top - H&M BB Collection (Available now)

Capri Pants - H&M BB Collection (Available now)

Sandals - Stoneridge (Canada - old collection)

I spent the weekend out at Center Park just outside of Paris and this photo was taken by my friend Pam during an intense pine cone throwing battle. The other photo earlier on in the post is of me cherry picking in the backyard... how delicious fresh picked cherries are!  The H&M BB Collection is great for basics and I have seen the odd snazzy shirt like this one. The pants are really comfortable and have a lot of stretch in them as well. I bought them in both black and an electric blue colour and I'm pretty sure they are going to be my go to pants for the summer.

I'll be back with more looks and this time for good. We are up and running again ladies and gentleman. I have big stories to tell you and so many new things to take pictures of!

Curvy Katie


  1. Thanks!! I'm still getting used to it but I feel like I am always doing that! :)


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