Monday, August 9, 2010

Curvy ladies in the news...

So since my work life has taken over the rest of my life, I have absolutely no time to even think about what I wear each day. I have the impression that I am just wearing the same outfits over and over which is just so sad, although I must say they are nice outfits, but still. The job I am working is done at the end of august and I only have the odd days off so this would be why I have a major lack of outfit photos. Regardless, there have been some pretty cool things going on in the plus size curvy lady world that I thought I would do a little recap because it's all so interesting.

Number 1:

Gabby Gregg from Young, Fat and Fabulous has won the MTV Twitter Jockey contest and will be MTV's first MTV Twitter Jockey!!! Go Gabby! We are all so happy for you!  Check out this article on her win: Click here!

Number 2:

One of my favourite designers is coming joining the curvy side... Marc Jacobs! I  can't wait to see what he comes up with, but I'm sure it will be fabulous. Check out Vogue's little bit on it here.

In other news, I ordered several things from Asos, which I usually love and have so much success with, only to find that most of the things just didnt look right. Ahhh well, you win some you lose some. I did, however, send one dress back to exchange for a better size, so once it finally arrives I'll be sure to photo it up for you.

In Paris right now the sales are awesome, and everything is so cheap. I am so looking forward to shopping for my new job in September. I have to have some more professional looking clothes and I will be heading to Cartel de la Mode, a shop in Paris that I absolutely love. If you are in Paris you should check this place out, because not only are the clothes gorgeous and incredibly well made, but the owner and creator John is wonderful.

Alright my lovelies, I'll be back soon with some real photos, I promise but in the meantime take care and enjoy this great weather we are having!

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