Saturday, August 21, 2010

One day I'll Fly Away!

So I finally had a good full day off where I could once again roam the streets of Paris. I headed up to Pigalle station to see the famous Moulin Rouge, because like any fan of the epic musical movie, I had to see it in person. It was almost impossible to get a picture without a tour bus in front but I tried my hardest. I also plan on spending the ridiculous amount of money on seeing a show because the burlesque thing is big and back and I must see it live. I am also preparing myself for my next guilty pleasure, the Christina Aguilera movie called Burlesque, where she wants to make it as a Burlesque star in this day and age... I know, what a plausible a plot!

Regardless, I really loved the area where it was as there were so many music shops and cafes, but it was also riddled with sex shops and those creepy 1 euro cinemas that show porn at any time of day and have the most ridiculous, granted creative, window displays.

I really wanted to go up and see the old cathedral, Sacre Coeur but didn't have time as I had many things to do on my precious day off, but I will certainly visit it soon. I saw it from a distance and have made it a priority on my must do touristy things list.

On my walk to find a music shop that sold ukuleles, because I need to practice so I can hone my craft whilst I am out of Canada, I took a few snaps of the winding Parisian streets that I love so much.

I have so many things going on right now, hence my decreased postings, but I promise I will try my best to update more often. Next week I finish my job at the youth hostel and have planned a little three day extravaganza in London. So really, I am just going to London for three days so that I can feel like I had a vacation this summer. I am planning several hours at the V&A museum, which I have been waiting to see ever since I took a history of craft class at NSCAD and of course plenty of other sight seeing and shopping events.

I am also so excited that my wonderful Mumsy is coming to Paris mid September! I am planning a 10 days of wonderful things for us to do. I will be starting my new job at the Canadian Embassy on the 1st of September which I am super excited about, but of course will plan oodles of things around my days for Mumsy and I to do. I can't wait to have a fresh start with London and then my new job! Paris is wonderful and things are looking up!

I will be in touch soon!


PS I am sending a very happy birthday to my dear friends Andrew and Adam! I miss you both!


  1. Katie,
    Once again enjoyed your story at breakfast this morning. Lisa says hello as I am having breakfast with her and Shawn in Shang Yu City, Zhejiang province. They both say hello and hope someday that they will see you again in this part of thevworld. Especiaaly now that you are working for an embassy. Who knows maybe you can do the same in China as you are doing in France.

    Lots of love and have good time in London

  2. dude you are so mind bogglingly cool. i miss you like the dark side of the moon missed the sun. i finally finished work and am heading to halifax and new brunswick for a little while. then i get to start school and i think it's going to be an amazing time. little stressful etc but i think life is going to be on the up and phone number is 647-893-7982 if you ever want to call. i should have my computer (and skype) in september.


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