Saturday, September 11, 2010


So as per usual, I have been absent for a little while. So many things have been happening and I have been spending so much time sight seeing, wandering and traveling alone that photos of my outfits have been hard to come by but I still have things for you.

Last week I went to London for the first time ever! To give you an idea of how much I loved it, I have already arranged a trip back in two weeks when my mum comes to visit me in Paris. The city is vibrant, fun and has so much going on and the shopping is out of this world. Even if it did rain most of the time while I was there, I can forgive  the rain because I had such a great time. I met new people, went on a free walking tour, did  a pub crawl and shopped till I literally almost dropped. Here is a pic of my sight seeing outfit that took me all over London, with my many bags and things.

Tunic - Evans (super comfy and cute - still available)

Leggings - Evans

Shoes - Evans

Black bag - H&M

I literally raided Evans, or at least it felt like it. This was the first time I visited an Evan so it was pretty excited. Here are a few things that I got that I am working into my future outfits. Check it out:

I am wearing these in the photo above but it's hard to see

I love this dress and am looking for ways to winterize it, because I can't stand the thought of it sitting in my closet for the rest of the year, so we shall se what I come up with.

I can't wait to go back because by the time I get there Beth Ditto's line should be out. Check out the Evans blog to see more but I think it's going to be great!

I'll be posting more soon, but for now I have to rest up and get rid of this random cold that I caught from someone. Tea anyone?

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  1. Tea and crumpets? Yes please :) glad you had a fab time, I adore london as well, don`t get to go often enough. you look lovely, love your hair! rest well, look forward to seing more posts soon :)

    <3 Anika


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