Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bathing Beauty

Hello my lovelies!

So I know it's October and that my days no longer involve summer activities like swimming, nights on the patio and full time relaxation (not that I did much of any of these things this past summer, but this is what summer should be to me). Since I didn't have a real working camera for the summer, I never really got to share with you my favourite summer things.  Also, I was inspired to bring back out my suit because Frances from over at Corpulent did a fantastic post in a two piece. This makes me want to yell mom-like things like "You go girl" and "rock it"... because it is great!

When I went to purchase a bathing suit, I knew I didn't want something generic and too speedo-ey if you know what I mean. Because let's face it, I love to swim but I'm not a pro swimmer. No suit is going to make this curvy frame more aerodynamic! (You would be surprised the things they advertise on swimsuit labels.) I wanted something cute, colourful and flattering... and I got exactly what I wanted. I can't tell you what a relief it was, because I usually dread shopping for things like this.  So here you have it... Curvy Katie the bathing beauty: a pinup style suit from Pretty Things Boutique in Halifax, Canada (Check out their site - they ship internationaly). I am also wearing a little polka dotted head wrap from Dorothy Perkins.

I have had such a busy week and have so many things to blog about, so check back this weekend as I will be posting up a storm. I will be posting more pics on my facebook page - check it out and LIKE me!

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