Saturday, October 2, 2010

Beth Ditto Delights


So I'm here to tell you all about my little jaunt to London from Paris this past weekend! I was able to get my hands on two pieces from the Beth Ditto collection, which I was so excited about. I was a bit bummed that the red and black baby-doll style dress was sold out and is online too, but found two other pieces that I am in love with, so it's ok.  When I saw this dress on Beth in all the ads I new I had to have it. I love it, not only is it comfortable but fits so nicely too. Please excuse the fact that I look super grungy, I had just come home from London and it was very late :)

Booties - New Look - available now!

Bracelets- H&M set of 4 - old collection

Here is the high waisted Beth Ditto collection skirt and this is officially another one of my favourite things in my closet. It goes on so easily and I can pair it with a fancier shirt for evenings or a T-shirt during the day.

I am wearing shoes from New Look - old collection, that seem to have taken on a much lighter colour in the photo but are a darker grey in real life.

So on my to get list are the high waisted jegging/jeans and the black and red dress, that I am hoping will come back at some point. The collection actually surprised me quite a bit, as I was expecting it to be more out there like her previous collection. However, it was all beautiful and feminine. My only negative would be that some of the pieces were lazily stitched or the buttons had come off. Other than that it truly all was beautiful and I am so happy I got a couple of things!

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