Monday, December 6, 2010

OOTD - Cartel de la Mode Fashion Show!!

I know you are all asking yourself "oh whatever did Katie wear to the fashion show???" because this is clearly important!  Well, I wanted to take this occasion to share with you my new Beth Ditto for Evans dress that I  thought about buying for 3 months before actually doing it. Let me start by telling you that I am so happy that I finally did buy it - because I love it! It has a great fit and looks cute with almost anything - even my battered up old sneakers that I wore that day. I couldn't bare the thought of heels that day as I'd worn a pair of uncomfortable pair of shoes the day before - so I opted for a casual footwear sunday. Anyways, I was ever so fortunate to have a photographer at the show, Jeff Will, take my photo, so I actually have a decent pic of the outfit for you.

Dress - Beth Ditto for Evans

Tights - Spanx - black

Sneakers - I'm not sure, they are old :)

After all my obsessions with the Beth Ditto collection, and the other two pieces I bought, It think this is my favourite!  Let me know what you all think, did you have a favourite piece from her collection, now that you've tried them on and worn them?


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