Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OOTN: Plus London & Anna Scholz

Hello again!

Back so soon, you say? Well, yes. I had so many people ask me 'who' I was wearing on Saturday and I thought, seeing as to how it was a piece from one of the sponsers, it was only fit to do a post about it. After many a month spent lusting after this black Anna Scholz zipper dress, I came across it in person back home in Toronto at Lola&Gigi (my new favourite place to shop in Toronto.) Having never ordered from Anna Scholz before I had no idea how the fit would be  so I was super excited to have the chance to try a few pieces on in store.

Not being very tall, I was worried that everything would be too long, as I have the impression from most of their photos that the models are quite tall, however this was not an issue at all. As soon as I put the black zipper dress on, both I, my mum and Laura (owner of Lola & Gigi) decided on the spot that I must own this dress.

I'm not one to wear things that are particularily close to the body, but this dress is cut as though it were made to measure. You can see the structure and the way it is sewn creates curves in all the right places no matter the body underneath. On top of that it has a rockin' silver exposed metal zipper all the way up the back and a fun bright fuschia lining.

I have to thank Anika from byanika.com for the photo as foolish me did not ask anyone to take a photo me in full length. I will re-do the outfit for you and update ASAP so you can get the full effect.

As for accessories, I am carrying a clutch made by my bestie Sarah of Elizabean textiles that I love. It`s a beautiful deep blue/purple with a wild print on the inside. She makes jewelry rolls, clutches of all sizes and incredible other bags, I think it`s decided I will do a post on her creations soon for you all to see, as I am her biggest fan.

I can`t say it enough, thank you again to everyone for this weekend, all the blog posts with pictures popping up on twitter and facebook are making me so happy. It`s like re-living the weekend!

xx Curvy Katie


  1. You looked ravishing darling! so loved meeting you :) big kiss!

  2. I wish I could have been at the event!!!!!


  3. That dress looked amazing on you. Just a bit of red lips, what a classic yet sexy look. So nice of meeting you!

  4. You are beautifully fitted into the dress. Hmm i like the feeling of finding something that fits wonderfully.

  5. Thanks! we were both rocking the red and black that night - you looked stunning!

  6. It was so great to meet you too! thanks! :) xo

  7. I wish you could have come too!

  8. what a great OOTD/N post! I love that you combined it with the PLUS London event - it sounds like it was so much fun!


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