Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Photos are up!!! Plus London!!!

I just arrived home from a busy fun filled weekend of snowboarding in the French Alps ( I know, how fancy!) to find that the photos from Plus London taken by The Second Floor studio and Fashion Loves Photos have been put up! They are wonderful photos and I think they really capture how great everyone was feeling that evening. It's nice to see so many dressed up smiles in one room!  Here are a few of my favourite shots- and to see the entire set click here.

Here I am trying out my new must have item from the Anna Scholz collection

Gaelle (Les Pitreries de Vanoue) and I looking oh so serious.

Diane (Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too!) and I doing our best blogger pose!

Daphne looking radiant as per usual!

I love this picture of Valerie (Blog to Be Alive), absolutely gorgeous!

I also absolutely love this photo of Nefferth (Modeplus). Stunning!


Be sure to check out the album as there are tons of super fun shots and everyone looks amazing! Thanks again to the wonderful photographers!!!


xo CurvyKatie


  1. Everyone and I mean really everyone look absolutely fabulous and so so flattering! Much love!

  2. Ahhww, Katie you're so sweet *blush*.
    Don't you miss it? When I saw the pics I wanted to be there again.
    There was such a positive vibe. What is your next Anna Scholz purchase?
    I'm lusting after the swallow print dress version. I need it, LOL!

  3. WOW! You all look amazing and dressy!
    Could I take over one or two shots to my website (
    You should become famous. :-)

  4. Lovely pics! You ladies look so stylish!

  5. Hi! Thanks so much! The photos are not mine - they were taken and belong to The Second Floor studio like I quote above. As long as you credit them when you use the photos you can use the photos on your site :) Thanks so much for reading!!

  6. oh I miss it so much already!! We should all go back like now! haha :)

  7. LOVE these photos. Everyone looks great! And you can't see my spots- RESULT! We need another meetup tomorrow!

  8. Hi Katie,
    I'll do so and will send you the link, after upload.

  9. Your pictures are stunning!

    The photographer did such a great job at making everyone comfortable.

  10. wonderful!! thanks!

  11. Thanks Valerie! She really was amazing! I adore the photo of you I put up here!! :)

  12. I agree... let's get on it stat! haha tomorrow we can all just meet on Oxford street! haha I wish.

  13. Hey girls!!
    You all look glamorous i'm so proud for you!!


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