Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: AX Paris Curve

So this past week, AX Paris sent me one of their dresses from the new Curve collection to review. I chose the Navy Polka Dot Chiffon Floaty Dress  because I really don't have any dresses like this one, that are light and a little fancy. My wardrobe tends to be more casual than dressy so this makes a really nice addition for a night out or an event.

The dress is lined which is a lovely touch, as it doesn't stick to your tights when you walk. It also makes it sit a lot nicer on the body. In the photos, I am wearing my usual Spanx tights which shape a little, but don't change the silhouette of the dress at all as it is roomy in the bottom bit.

The dress is comfortable and pretty and has a lovely little bow that can be tied in front or back which could easily be swapped for a belt if you have more of a defined waist (unlike me). In terms of size, I am wearing a Size 20 and it fits just right on me. I would say that if it had sleeves, it would probably be a bit snug in the shoulder area so something to consider for sizing if you are ordering anything and have wider shoulders.

So check out their website because they have lots of fun prints like polka dots, hearts and leopard! :)

I did my makeup to match with my Coastal Scents Palate (navy blue and copper eyeshadows) and my Kat Von D. Tattoo Pen eyeliner.

Thanks AX Paris for sending me this dress, I feel oh so pretty in it.

And thank you to my darling boyfriend, Skull Car Steveo, for the lovely photos.


  1. Yaaay!! So cute!!! I miss you baby!

  2. SO CUTE! love the dress looks great on you and fits so well with your hair color

  3. Love, love, love it!!! xox

  4. Polka dots are so romantic and old fashioned, I LOVE this outfit


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