Thursday, June 27, 2013

OOTD: Anchors Away in Whitstable!

Hello everyone!
So today, I spent the day with my my fiancé, and Kent honey, Steven, out in Whitstable, which is a lovely little seaside town not far from Canterbury.

Whitstable was so lovely, and had everything you would expect, from boats to churches and fancy looking buildings. Nets, and fishy things and even a fisherman were all over the place. We had a lovely lunch at a local cafe, and I had this amazing apple and rhubarb juice - delish!

I wore my new anchor dress from Target in the USA that I got while back home a couple of months ago. I love it because its light and fresh, which in the muggy weather we had today was just right.

Anchors print everywhere! 
Forgive my squinted eyes, but I had forgotten my sunglasses and despite a grey sky, it was still quite bright. I also wore a little pair of Primark black flats with mint green shoe clips made by my best friend Sarah. I will do a follow-up post on her creations, but if you are interested feel free to pop me an email for more info. I can switch bows and colours in seconds so its great if you have a favourite pair of flats. My bag is a Lush exclusive canvas tote, that can be acquired if you ever visit the flagship shop in Poole. It has a picture of the first Lush shop on the front that still exists.

Have you been to Whitstable? Where should we go next?
See you all soon!
xx ToodalooKatie


  1. I have been to Whistable I used to like the cinema with it's sofas and bar, don't know if it's still there, love the dress very pretty and fresh lookingx

  2. aww thank you! The theatre sadly is now a Whetherspoons :( boo but the town is still beautiful! x


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