Thursday, August 1, 2013

OOTD & Review - Bandelettes For Happy Thighs

I am back with a little review of Bandelettes! I don't often get my legs out, even in the summer because I am just so pasty and white and fake tan turns me into an oompa loompa but since I have had my thigh tattooed and it's so bloody humid, I've decided to embrace my pastiness. In light of this, I went on the hunt for new chub rub prevention! I usually like using an anti-chafe stick as it's easy and quick but it does need reapplying once in a while so you need to remember to take it with you. 

Bandelettes to the rescue! 
My mum actually found these online and when I contacted them they offered me a pair for review - they are very reasonably priced and shipping internationally is $3. For those who don't know what they are, Bandelettes are lace tubes with a soft silicone lining, not unlike the top of a pair of thigh highs. They stay up and let your thighs glide pain-free in this glorious weather. They come in black as well, and I really love that they look like sexy thigh highs, so should the wind catch your skirt you don't have to worry about your modesty shorts being on show. I'm not one to care to much about these things but I must admit that I really like the look of these and comfort wise, you forget you are wearing them. They didn't roll or move around at all whilst I was out for the evening.

My outfit was really a last minute choice but I forgot how much I loved this dress. 
Dress: New Look Inspire
Belt: Torrid
Flats: Primark

And one more photo with my crazy hair on show - it was a weird day for my mop top.

I'm curious to know if any one of you have tried Bandelettes or if you have a tried and true thigh chafing solution? 
XX ToodalooKatie

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