Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rockin' Around In My Knee High Boots!

Hi everyone!
I'm back! I have officially moved all my belongings to London, and I am stuck sitting in an almost empty flat in Canterbury, waiting to finish up my last day of work here on September 11th. 
Today, I bring to you a review of two awesome things! I have styled them to match my hectic rock n roll life :)
I was asked by FashionWorld.co.uk to review their new "2 Way Boots" with a pair of jeans. Here are two items that in the last year, I have given up on buying because it's just too difficult.  Every time I try on boots, I never get them over my calves and then jeans, well they are jeans and they are a tough fit!
I thought I better give these new boots a try and all I can say is "HOORAY!"

I am wearing the Truly Wow Jeans and the Two Way Boots, with a Primark Rolling Stones top, blue camisol and black cardigan.
My favourite detail on the jeans is that they have a discreet elastic in the back which pulls them in, avoiding that annoying gap that I know many of us get. They are also really smart looking and have clean lines.
On to the boots, which will be a staple for my wardrobe this fall. The boots are actually ankle boots, but have pieces that attach easily with a simple buckle and zipper to create a knee high boot. They are so versatile and would be great to switch looks quickly and easily.

They are not leather but really sturdy and good quality. They are available in different widths up to EEE) and sizes so everyone gets a great fit - they have simple measurement guide to help.
 If you have struggled with finding a knee high boot like me, give these a go!
Let me know what you think - have you had any luck with boots and jean lately?

XX ToodalooKatie

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