Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy New Year And All That Good Stuff

Hello everyone and happy New Year!
Apologies first off for the silence over the month of January, but I promise I have a good excuse. I spent the best part of January in Canada with my fiance, Steven, visiting family and friends and showing him around Toronto. With all the excitement of being tourists and seeing everyone, I was completely wrapped up and busy and didn't spend much time near my computer. But, I am back in London now and have so much to share with you - so expect a busy February on here.
Before anything else - I have a few fun photos to share from our trip - it was cold, snowy and just so magical!
   Here is our couple selfie :)

We tried to cram in as much touristy stuff as possible, which included a trip to the frozen Niagara Falls - which I have never seen in winter. It was pretty neat to see the mist almost frozen mid air but the falls still pouring over with such a force.

After the falls we went to Buffalo and enjoyed girly pink martini's with our dinner.

While I was home, I also chopped off the awful mullet I was unintentionally growing. I look forward to getting to see my lovely stylist Laurie at Mad Factory Salon in Toronto because she always knows what to do with my mop.

Near the end of our trip, we were lucky enough to be invited to stay at a friends cottage up north of Toronto.  This is not far from the area that we are considering for our wedding, although it will be less snowy when we get married I hope. It became quite the adventure, when the weather took over and our car broke down, but we managed to have a fantastic time in the snow.

Steve enjoying his mini ice rink on the lake:

Pre snow angel position:

Snow Selfie:

It was such a great trip, although it went way too quick, and it was so nice to see all my family and friends back home.
Have you been to Canada and jumped in this much snow!? Tell me about it!


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