Friday, February 28, 2014

New Collections: Cut for Evans

So even though I missed the launch for Cut for Evans, I still wanted to check out the collection myself in person to see what is was all about. If I 'm honest, when I first saw the collections I wasn't all that jazzed about it. I like that they are stepping out of the box, giving a young designer a chance and doing something different, so their heart is in the right place, but it really isn't me. I have found that overall 
Evans has improved a lot in the last couple of years, but there is still work to be done.
Anyways, my first impression once in the store was that it was nice to see bright colours, but wasn't sure if maybe it was a little too much. 

I also found it odd that some of the pieces are clearly designed for warm weather and others for cold - a bit random, although I suppose appropriate given the weather we have been having. The tops, skirts, trousers and jumpsuit are all thin and light where as the cardigans and knit dress feel double lined and thick.

I decided that regardless of what I thought on the outside I should check out the fit, even if some of it was beyond what I would usually pick up. I can appreciate perhaps wearing a top with a pair of jeans, but never together, it feels like too much. I wanted to see what the yellow patterned dress fit like as the material was stretchy and soft but also a bit like light scuba fabric.
It's a cute cut, but for someone bigger busted like me, the neckline isn't great and feels a bit too close - I think it makes me look squished in on the top. I also never wear yellow- but that's a personal thing as I just don't like the way it makes my skin look. I did love the little slash at the top left shoulder though - very cool.
Although, jumpsuits aren't really my thing, I recently got one from Asos (well they are dungarees, but similar type of thing really), that I love so I am giving them another chance. I can't begin to imagine where or why I would wear this. The colours are just ridiculous. I thought about sizing up but the legs would be too long so I can't. Overall it was just not a good look for me.
 Here's a little side pic of it in all it's bad fit glory.

I did like the knit dress and though it was quite cool looking but then also thought that if I was looking for this style of dress/tunic I could probably do better.

So there you have it. I don't want this post to be another bad mouth about Evans because that's not my intention. From my point of view, they sometimes go overboard and miss out on great opportunities. At the moment, the Live Unlimited and Collection range have some great pieces and of course Scarlett & Jo has the most beautiful dresses so why can't Evans stick to what works in that sense? I love that they step out of the box and do something different and involving fashion students is the greatest idea but in this case I think it was missing direction. 
Maybe it's time they did a blogger collection?
I'd love to hear your thoughts… tell me all.


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