Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blog Challenge: Furs, Florals, Lace and Leather

Morning everyone and happy Sunday!
I decided, that since I have never participated in a blog challenge that I should start one on my own. I have recently realised that my closet has a lot of texture in it, unlike only a year or so ago, so I made this challenge all about just that. The challenge was to have 2 looks, one dressed up and one dressed down showing off your best Furs, Florals, Lace and/ or Leather. 
Here is mine!
Look 1: Dressed Up
Leather/Pleather - Skirt - SimplyBe via Betty Pamper
Fur - Cardi - Torrid (2 years ago)
Lace - Bra - Debenhams
Pleather - Mary Janes - Asos

Dressed Down:

For the dressed down look I put on my H&M trousers with leather pockets and a cami top with floral print from Torrid (old collection), I also switched my shoes up to my Primark black pleather flats.
It would appear that I own no feathers at all - and that's what I am off to correct on this beautiful Sunday! 
Check out all the other lovely bloggers who participated here:


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