Sunday, May 18, 2014

M&Co Holiday Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Happy Sunday lovelies!
So today I am participating in the M&Co Wardrobe Capsule Challenge because I love a challenge involving a budget and I am planning a little holiday to Brittany, France in the next two months so this is the perfect opportunity to prepare myself. The challenge was to create a capsule wardrobe from the Holiday Shop on M&Co's website for under £100. 

Here is what I chose:
I always love to get out and have big adventure on holiday so I always pack good pair of crops, usually jeans because they are cute and retro styled but also will survive a hike. To wear on top, I like a light, loose top that I can double up as a beach cover to protect my Casper like skin from the sun.


Next I chose this amazing polka dot bikini which I love because it is high waisted and has thick halter straps. It's a fun colour and will do nicely for days on the beach or by the pool.

High Waisted polka dot bikini: TopBottoms

 For evenings or more relaxed days, a nice dress is always a must and I love the print and bust design on this dress. It has a retro feel and wide straps so I don't need to mess around with strapless bras etc. 

Last of all, I like to bring a couple of accessories that  I can wear more than once. These elephant studs are cute and simple and won't get caught together in my suitcase, but will jazz up my ears in or out of the water. 

I chose this little headband from the girls section as the bow is so cute and retro and would look great with any of my looks above.

So I'm sure you are wondering what my total was for my capsule wardrobe, drumroll please!… I chose all this for exactly £100. Fingers crossed some (or all) of these lovely things end up in my wardrobe very soon!


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