Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blogger Challenge - Same Size Different Shape

So the lovely Toni of The Left Of Perfect, organised a great blogger challenge where by each month we post a different style of clothing to show what different shapes look like in different styles. I know that when I purchase something, generally online, I often decide to buy it because I have seen in on another blogger whose shape and style I identify with, so hopefully this is helpful in same way to some of you. This month is skinny jeans!
As I couldn't bring myself to wear jeans over the last 2 weeks due to the heat in London I am going to re-use photos of the my 2 pairs that I own to show you how they fit on me.
I don't have many curves in that my body is quite straight up an down and I wear a size 20 sometimes 18 and sometimes 22 so it all depends really.

The first are a pair of New Look jeggings which sit high on my waist - I often wear these with wedges for comfort and because, hey why not!

Next up are the jeans we all talked about from Fashion World, the Claire Richards High Waisted Skinny jeans. These jeans are a dream. The fit is right on, and they feel nice and snug in all the right places - I have them rolled up to make them more Summery in these photos but they are full length.

Check out what all the other gorgeous participants of this challenge have done here:

Thanks Toni! 

XX ToodalooKatie

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