Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kelly Osbourne Collection for MAC

Hello lovelies!
So last week, after what felt like months of waiting, I finally got to go and try the limited edition cosmetics that Kelly Osbourne designed for MAC at Selfridges in London. I have always been a huge fan of Kelly Osbourne for a million reasons, but mainly her style and hair which I have taken inspiration from since I was about 13 when I first bleached my hair out. 
I love anything pastel and in particular, lilacs and purples, so the main lipstick from the range was what I was after. I was offered a makeover at the M.A.C counter for the cost £20 which I could then put towards products, and since I planned on purchasing the lipstick anyways, I booked in.
I asked Rachel, my makeup artist, to do something a little crazy and out there and she really went all out.
In particular I wanted to try the lilac lip colour and blush but after that all the other items are from the other main collections. Here are the products she used on me:
And here is the end result: 

Here is what I went home with:

I really love the orange liner and pigment which really surprised me! The lipstick is a great colour and nice feeling when on. The blush which is called Cheeky Bugger, is a lovely colour and just right for my pale skin. 
From what I hear, most of the collection has sold out, but I know they are floating around the internets if you are keen.
Just the other day, I went out and did what I have always wanted to- buzzed most of my hair off. It was scary but

I love it! And this photo shows my new lippy and blush on.
I feel all set for Summer and I feel ultra Kelly-O inspired! 


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