Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kelly Osbourne Wants Fashion To Be Fair!

I feel like all I do is write about Kelly Osbourne sometimes, but she is  my fashion idol and that's a good enough reason in itself. Yesterday, however, there was another amazing reason, as Kelly has just let the cat out of the bag that she will be launching her #storiesbyKO fashion line this September (next month!). I feel like it has been forever in the making and not only is she doing a line but it will be available from sizes 0-24 which feels like a massive leap in the right direction. For once this isn't about having a plus size line, but rather a line for all. ( I realise that not all women stop at a 24, and don't want anyone to feel left out, however this does feel like a big step forward considering how designer lines generally work.
Here are a couple of the pictures taken from the #storiesbyKO Facebook page. I think the line looks gorgeous and can't wait to see more!

According to Kelly's Facebook this will be sold through HSN which is like a shopping network.
Thank you Kelly for bringing the plus size girls out of the shadows with this announcement! I haven't felt excitement like this about a line since Beth Ditto did hers with Evans (although my excitement this time around is a 1000 times more, as I trust that this will be done right).
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Who else is excited? Tell me your thoughts!


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