Saturday, October 4, 2014

Junarose have done it again!

So this past week I, along with a few other lovely bloggers had the opportunity to visit the Junarose HQ in London to check out the preview of their upcoming collections and the current one too. We had a lovely little dinner with Prosecco, followed by a fashion show and a workshop, where we had a chance to speak with the designers and buyers for the brand.
It was so refreshing to have a proper sit down chat with someone who you know can change and influence the plus size industry. It was also great to be asked and to have an opportunity to share all those suggestions and ideas that we all get from our readers or put out there in every post about what we want to see in plus size clothing going forward. Look out for Junarose as they really are taking the time to get it right and offer us the best.
Here are a few of my favourite items from the fashion show - I actually cannot wait for these to be available! I will apologise in advance for the photo overload - but I couldn't leave any out!

There are so many sweet lace panels and textured fabrics peeking out of collars and on sleeves - it really feminizes the pieces and makes them special.

2 in 1 shirts - which I love because I get too warm for layers but want the look all the same.

Marine theme is back and stripes are still ok to wear! haha - Of course they are! 

Bold colours and statement pieces are in there too - I wasn't kidding when I said they had hit the nail on the head.

I love how many colours feature and how the cuts vary so you really could expand your wardrobe and have a bit of everything. 

I'm always interested to know what you hope to see going forward in plus size fashion - when you are in a shop or online what is that item or style you are hoping to find in your size?


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