Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2Plus2 - Winter Glam with Evans Part 2

Good morning everyone and Happy Christmas Eve!!

Hollie and I are back with another 2Plus2 post featuring this amazing Scarlett and Jo Floral Print Cowl neck dress from Evans. Not only is this dress the softest and most comfortable thing to wear, but it also sits so nicely on and really makes everyone who puts it on look incredible.  Both Hollie and I put it on and fell in love instantly. 

The fabric is a soft, heavy jersey, with a gorgeous and simple floral print all over. The cowl neck sits perfectly with the help of very small shoulder pads which also accentuate some lovely pleating around the shoulder area. There is a tie around the waist that brings everything in and really creates a lovely waist and silhouette. It is also true to size - I am wearing a 20.
I can't say enough lovely things about this dress as it ticks all my dress wearing boxes.

Next up, we are both wearing some amazing knee length wide calf boots from Evans. I can't find the link to actual boots so have linked you to some that are almost identical. These boots are so comfortable, and the back of the calf is made of completely stretch material, so will accommodate large calves without issue - it also means that they aren't restrictive to walk in either.
Even though we tried on tons of boots, both Hollie and I loved these too much to not have them - so there you go - great minds have great style!

We had so much fun doing these 2Plus2 style posts with Evans! Thank you Evans Marble Arch for letting us move into your change room temporarily whilst we tried a million things on!
Stay tuned for our next 2Plus2 post coming soon - it's all under wraps for now but all will be revealed soon enough.

And with that I wish you all a very happy Christmas! Enjoy your day and I hope it's full of fun, love and goodies! 


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