Friday, January 30, 2015

Back to Basics - A New Desk

Good morning lovelies!
So we are officially moving off the adventurous boat that we have been living on for the last 7 months and into a good sized room with two big windows above a pub in West London. Although the quirkiness of living on a boat will be missed, I am looking forward to having a proper desk where I can work again and spend more time writing and twiddling away at my blog. In lieu of this, I have put together a little board of my desk essentials to share with you. In my ideal world, I would have all of this next week when I move in...

(From top - left to right)

I love a simple table in place of a desk as I find desks with drawers tend to attract my clutter.  A few good storage boxes to throw trinkets or stationary in are a must to keep it off the desk and to keep my cat from hiding it all under the bed. I like to see what utensils I have so a cup on the desk works great to keep my pencils and markers handy.
My need for a mini photo printer springs from my desire to want to capture more moments and have them off my phone. I would love to fill my room with memories.
Even though I love my iPhone, I always go back to a paper calendar as I love the feel of writing something down to book it in. A good year wall calendar is perfect and this one is super cute too!
Last of all, I am in love with the new Cath Kidston cloud print and this lamp is so gorgeous that I think I could sit at my desk and just look at it - perhaps less good for productivity but it is my favourite so it's still a must.

What are some things that you have to have when working at home?
Have I missed something super important? 

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