Saturday, January 3, 2015

Reflecting on 2014

Good evening friends!
Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time on NYE. I spend it in the excellent company of some close friends, laughing and having a few drinks - it was perfect.
I want to make 2015 the best year yet, as I'm sure we all do. After much reflection, it would seem that 2014 was a tough year for a lot of people so I think it's time we all looked forward.
In an attempt to encourage positivity and good vibes, I have gone through my calendar, which is a colourful mishmash of my life and picked one or two things from each month over the last year that I enjoyed or that were just plain great.

I took Steven to Canada with my for the first time. We had such a great time and it gave him a chance to scope out where we will be living in the not so distant future. It also got us excited and motivated to get our immigration paperwork done and submitted.

It was my birthday! I celebrated my 25th year of life or a quarter century, that is if I live to be a dinosaur. 

My blog turned four years old and it made me realise how lucky I am to have my little corner of the internet. I have made so many amazing friends thanks to this blog and it has made my experience abroad so much richer.

This is a silly one but I played in a work dodgeball tournament and faced my fear of group sports in what felt like a school environment - stickin' it to the man, as they say!

We celebrated Steven's birthday by taking a lovely trip to Brighton. We stayed close to the beach, went shopping, ate delicious food and just had the most lovely time.

I tended bar at a Canadian food culture event and tasted loads of lovely Canadian foods and drinks and also got to be in the audience of Mock the Week.

My best friend Sarah and her family came to London for two jam packed weeks of fun. I saw so much of London and get to spend some quality time with some of my favourite people.

Steven and I moved on to the dreaded boat which was exciting. I also attended Plus North for the first time and made some amazing new friends!

My awesome brother, Andrew came to stay with Steven and I in London and we had a great time sight seeing. My lovely parental units came too and we had an amazing surprise birthday meal for my mum.

My blog was nominated for the Best New Blogger Award at the British Plus Size Awards along with many other amazing blogs!

I met Tess Munster and spent the day in Birmingham with my gorgeous friend, Diane. I also started helping out with the social media posting for #effyourbeautystandards too!

This last month of the year started off with a bang when I went to Paris for a few days to visit my French crew. Then after a crazy move at work that threatened to ruin my Christmas, everything got back on track when we had an amazing Christmas day at friends, followed by a second Christmas with more friends and a super fun mini party on NYE.

It's been a wonderful year but not without it's challenges. I want this year to be more positive and exciting. I want to do big things and have great experiences. My one big wish for this year is to find happiness and settle in somewhere as it feels like I am due for some consistency in my life.

I'm not one for resolutions because I think they are too easy to break, but I definitely think that a new year is a great place to open a new chapter in life. I'm going to harness the opportunity and shake things up a bit.
I will share all my shakings with you as they happen!


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