Friday, February 27, 2015

My Travel Musts - Before Clothes, I pack...

Hello everyone!
So I managed to pack my case without it exploding, but got asked by a few people about the things that I consider to be my absolutely musts when it comes to my suitacase when travelling apart from clothes and toiletries. I am heading home today so you can look out for lots of exciting travel posts coming this week and next and I thought I would start with this.

I always travel with my soft shell suitcase from Tripp Hand Luggage Case as I like that I always have piece of mind that it will fit the standard of all cheap airlines as hand luggage. It also has no outside pockets which keeps it small and theft proof too!
I also take my favourite little travel bag from Cath Kidston which has space for boarding passes and passports and also includes a pull out wallet and a strap so  you can wear it all over your body for safety. I always have piece of mind that my stuff is safe and that I don't need to worry as I won't put it down.
Next,  I leave my laptop at home and take my Ipad Mini as I don't want to worry about it getting stolen or damaged and I find it heavy and a waste of space when I only have a small bag. I now have a case with a keyboard so that I can blog at the airport or in the hotel at night if there is a table.
Last of all, I always have my international plug adapter. This trip that I have been on has seen three different plugs used and I am really glad that I didn't have to cart around an adapter for each. This adapter has a setting for everywhere you go.
What are your musts when you travel - Its's hard to pic and choose what you really need but this time I felt like I nailed it!
To see photos from my trip head over to my Instagram or search #toodalookatietravels!


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