Monday, March 23, 2015

How To Dress For A Chic Summer Holiday In Italy

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As we all well know, Italy is one of the most fashionable countries in the world. It has given us some of the world’s best fashion designers including Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, Valentino Garavani and many, many others. Fashion runs through the veins of the country; everyone takes great pride in their appearance. They have this custom called “La Passeggiata” where, as the sun sets, the locals take an evening stroll along the main streets of the city. In reality, it’s just an opportunity for them to show off their glad rags; turning the streets into giant catwalks. Needless to say, it can feel a bit intimidating when packing for a trip to Italy. But fear not fellow fashionistas! When packing for your holiday to Italy this spring or summer, follow these tips, and you will look right at home in this fashion capital.


Italian ladies don’t overdo it when it comes to their style. They tend to wear simple, elegant outfits (that probably cost them an arm and a leg!). To get the luxurious look for less, bring a few simple but stylish dresses that really flatter your shape and that you feel amazing in. Add glamour to these garments through your accessories. Silk scarves, jewellery, hats, shoes, etc. will do the trick. This is also an efficient way to pack as you can wear the dresses more than once, but mix your look up with your smaller items.


For the sake of keeping cool in the heat and because they are flattering on everyone, opt for materials and styles that are light and loose. Summer kaftans and floaty maxi dresses are both stylish and practical options. Cities that are located inland, like Romeo and Juliet’s hometown Verona, are especially hot during the summer months. So you’ll want plenty of lovely loose-fitting garments to keep you looking and feeling cool. Verona is one of the most fashionable cities in Italy to strut your stuff in so check this site out if you are looking for accommodation in this beautiful city.

Another thing you will notice on your holiday in Italy is that everyone’s clothes look flawless. This is a difficult look to pull off while you are living out of a suitcase. However, if you use the iron in your hotel room and hang your garments up as soon as you arrive, you can also have impeccable looking garments.


You will see many chic Italian ladies effortlessly clip-clopping along the cobbled streets in heels. If you are like me and you find walking in heels a struggle even on flat ground, you’ll want to find a comfortable but just as chic alternative. Flip-flops are great, but try to find a pair that are a step up in terms of glamour from the ones you wear on the beach. Personally, I think elegant leather sandals on a pair of beautifully manicured feet looks just as chic as a pair of heels.

What are your style tips for a summer holiday in Italy?


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